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Some valet attendants in Houston crashing customer vehicles?

Some valet parking attendants in Houston are accused of reportedly causing damage to customer vehicles.

/// 11/25/2015

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11/23/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Houston, TX - Some valet attendants in Houston have been accused of causing damage to customer vehicles, and leaving customers to pay the costs. Click2Houston reported that one person claimed a reckless valet slammed into something with a customer’s car, damaging the rear bumper and exhaust pipe.

Navy veteran Eric Abad said of the incident “The valet wrecked my car and then refused to do anything about it.” The accident caused over a reported $2,000 in damages.

Attorney Jim Adler is quoted as stating of the potential risks involved in these types of cases “That valet could destroy your vehicle, drive it into a wall or even worse he could hit another person while driving your car or run into another person's vehicle and suddenly you are in a world of hurt.”

Channel 2 Investigates reports that there is a difference between the rules that must be followed by valet parking companies regulated by the city and those operated by private establishments and are not city regulated, which drivers should remain cognizant of for protecting their vehicle.

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