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French court deems pharmaceutical company negligent in deadly drug case

A French court has determined that a pharmaceutical company was negligent to leave a “defective” drug on the market.

/// 11/08/2015

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11/01/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

France - A French court has said that pharmaceutical firm Servier was negligent in having left a medicine that has been deemed “defective” on the market. As reported by AFP, the court’s ruling comes eight years after a health scandal involving heart risks associated with the company’s Mediator drug sparked controversy. The medication was prescribed to some patients as an appetite suppressant, but was intended for individuals with diabetes who are overweight.


The drug was reportedly taken by millions of people in France prior to being banned. It is also banned in Spain, Italy, and the United States.


Two patients filed lawsuits seeking damages for injuries they say they sustained from taking Mediator. The court awarded the plaintiffs a fraction of what they were seeking.

Martine Verdier, an attorney representing some of the hundreds of Mediator victims who have filed lawsuits against the company, is quoted as stating of the award “Despite the satisfying decision, the level of financial award is not dissuasive -- it will not ensure greater ethics from pharmaceutical industry.”


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